Friday, January 29, 2010

Free T.L. Friday

Growing up, my mom had this game that she would play with our family called the TL game. It's a very old game and I've never met anyone else that has heard of it outside of our family, but it was fun. Basically, if someone told my mom something nice about one of us, she would tell us that she had a TL for us. We would then have to tell her something nice that someone had said about her, and then she would tell us what nice thing she had heard someone say about us. So pretty much it was a nice way to fish for compliments. But my mom being the kind of person she is, she couldn't stand to wait to give us a TL if we didn't happen to have one to trade with her, so she would always give us our TLs for free. Thanks mom!

Now, the point of the story. Today while I was blow-drying my hair I got to thinking (I always do my best thinking in the shower or while getting ready for the day), I sure do know a lot of wonderful people. People that inspire me and teach me all the time, but I never really let them know just how much they mean to me. So I've decided to change that, dear friends. Every Friday (or at least every Friday that I remember to do it), I'm going to be doing a little giveaway of sorts. A TL giveaway.

No, not that kind of TL, silly. I'm talking good old-fashioned "I heard something nice about you" TLs that I will be giving away about people I know, starting with the authors of the blogs that I read. Now let me warn you that I might fudge a little and have to just tell you compliments that come directly from me since I don't always talk to people that know all of you, but hey, spirit of the law, letter of the law and all that. I hope these free TLs don't embarrass anyone or make them feel bad because they didn't like their TL as well as the one I gave cousin Skeeter. And let me emphasize that they are free, so please don't think you have to tell me something nice to earn them. I just want a chance to let the people in my life know how wonderful they are (if they even read this) and maybe, hopefully, possibly brighten their day a little bit because that's the whole point of TLs. At least the way my mother taught it to me.

So, without further ado, here is this week's free TL for:
My cousin (o.k., first cousin once-removed) Jordan, whose blog I just stumbled onto last week and who probably doesn't even know about my blog, but her TL is still fresh in my mind, so I'm going to use it. Jordan is one of those people who just brightens any room she walks into. The only time I think I've seen her without a huge smile on her face was when she was a baby and didn't know how to smile yet. Last night I was talking to my aunt, who is her grandma, and our conversation, as near as I can recall, went something like this:
Me: Jordan is such a happy person. She's just like a ray of sunshine.
Aunt/Grandma: She really is. Jordan is just uncomplicated. What you see is what you get with her.
So there you go, Jordan, you wonderfully cheerful girl, you. If you ever read this, please know that even though growing up I didn't get to know you quite as well as I did your older sisters, you brightened our family when you joined it, and you inspire me to be a happier, more positive person.

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Lynette said...

THat is so weird that you are blogging about this b/c I was just explaining to a friend of mine about how we use to do this when we were roommates!