Friday, September 26, 2008

First Birthday

Since Jonathan is taking a really long nap, I have time to post! Yay! We had his first birthday celebration last week, and it completely blows my mind that he's been with us for an entire year. I can't believe so much has happened since last September because the time has gone so quickly. To celebrate I made him his own cake, which he wasn't sure about at first. After some patting it and testing it with his fingers, he began to squash it all over his tray and then fling his hands around which meant cake bits got all over the bookcase, the floor (even the parts we hadn't covered with plastic), the trashcan, the chair, etc. Here's a picture of the aftermath:

After that we had to bathe him before he could open presents. We probably should have thought of that before hand and had him do presents first.

He then got to open presents.

And what baby doesn't like playing with the box more than the actual present?

We had fun even though it is a little bitter-sweet that my baby is growing up so fast!


Kiersten said...

That's such a cute post! And you guys moved in just before he was born, too, didn't you? Things change so fast!

Lindsay said...

A year? Already?! Happy Big First, Jonathan! I'm glad he liked his cake...after touching the frosting on his, Garrett wanted nothing to do with it...and proceeded to let us know by flinging the frosting everywhere. (He got a bath, too.) Anyway, congratulations on reaching such a fantastic milestone! And watch seems that in those first months after the first birthday, the develop EVEN FASTER. (At least that's how it's seemed at our house.)

Megan Miley and Chris said...

He is so sweet. I love the bath tub pictures. I never realized it but his mouth looks like yours! He is your son after all! Haha Happy birthday Jonathan!

Sam and Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan! Great job on the cake!