Thursday, April 29, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates

I never mean for there to be so much time between posts, but that's just the way it always seems to go. I'm really sorry. Obviously that free T.L. Friday thing wasn't enough to get me to blog consistently. Well, it's about time I posted some updates, the biggest one being that we are expecting another baby on June 9th! I know, I know, I should have posted about this a long time ago, but I kept thinking I needed to make it this exciting, elaborate post and as a result just didn't ever get around to it. So there you have it. It's going to be another boy and Jonathan is so excited. He's always talking about baby brother and showing us tricks that he is going to show baby brother when he gets here, like standing on his head and raising one leg in the air. This is also known as his "hose" pose because whenever he does it he says, "Look! My a hose!" I didn't quite understand this until he started pretending to be a dog and would do it then. Yep...I think he got the idea from watching my sister-in-law's dog Jake go potty. Apparently, Jake has a "hose" attached to him that sprays water. Hmmm.
Rather than just write all my updates, let's take a look at some pictures from the past little while and I'll try to explain what they are as we go. Starting with...

Bike riding. Jonathan is getting better and better at pedaling and steering his little tricycle. With the weather being so nice lately (at least until today. Bleh.), we've been enjoying being outside more. My sister-in-law gave us an old bike trailer so Peter had been fixing up both our old bikes with the plan that we can go for family bike rides. Unfortunately, the first day after he got mine out of the shed, I rode it off a curb with my bum firmly planted on my seat (hey, I'm pregnant--my center of gravity is off, not to mention the extra weight my legs are supposed to support!) and bruised my tailbone pretty darn bad. Ouch. It seriously may have been the most painful injury I have ever had. Here it is a week and a half later and I am just starting to get over wanting to cry every time I move. I still can't sit directly on it. Lame, lame, lame. But that's o.k. because this month we also had...

Easter! This was one of the best Easters so far with Jonathan because he is starting to understand so much. We did our best to talk to him about the true meaning of Easter and he was pretty excited about Jesus being resurrected, but really, the eggs and the candy were his favorite part. He keeps saying the Easter bunny is going to come in the night and bring us more candy. Yeah, he's a little sugar fiend. There was another part of Easter that he loved, though:

Coloring Easter eggs. Really, do you ever get over enjoying this? I know it's still one of my favorite Easter activities.

What's that? You think there must be a story behind this picture? Oh there is, friends. There sure is. Once upon a time Jonathan's large intestine got stretched, so for two months we were to give him a full cap of Miralax a day, followed by another month of a half-capful a day. It pretty much means diarrhea for three months. And the wonderful thing is that these incidents usually happen at naptime and bedtime and his diapers just aren't always able to keep it all in. That's what happened a few weeks ago when Jonathan woke up early from a nap and when I went to get him, I could smell that something was up. As soon as he saw me, he showed me how there was some poop in his bed. Not only in his bed, but smeared on the mesh on two of the crib's sides. I wasn't quite sure how this had happened since from the front his shirt and pants seemed to be clean. Then I turned him around and realized that rather than going down into the diaper like poop should (but doesn't always, as anyone who has ever had a newborn knows), it all came up his back and out of the diaper. I deduced that he must have had his back against one of the sides when it happened and that is how the mesh sides came to be so dirty. Let's look at one up close, shall we?

But wait! There's more! When I walked around to the other side of the crib to see the damage from there, here's what I found:

A delightful little puddle-o-poo. I'm really sorry if this grosses anyone out. I really am not sure I could have handled cleaning this up if it wasn't my own child, but I also kind of had to laugh. And post about it. This is just one of those little moments that keeps parenthood interesting. But it's all worth it for moments like:

This. Ah, my boys. I sure love them. And soon there will be one more!


Lynette said...

That puddle of poo is pretty nasty...poor kid...and poor mom!!!

Congratulations on your soon to be new addition...that's sooo exciting!!!

Holly and Ryan said...

Wow, Becca! What a day you had!

Fun to see you in preson. What a cute baby bump!

Lindsay said...

You are alive! Congrats on Boy Number Two. Having two boys is really a lot of fun, but I am biased. :)

Lacey said...

Cute blog Becca! I found you guys. We sure miss you guys! Hope everything is going well! :)