Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

Argh, I've done it again. I've let too much time pass between posts. Since my last post I went to St. Louis to visit my sister and her cute family (and had the best frozen custard of my life at Ted Drewes), Jonathan has increased his tooth count to four, and I shaved off Peter's hair (with his permission, of course). I could easily write three good-sized posts about these topics, but it's late and I want to finish watching "Dan in Real Life" with Peter. So instead, I'll tell you about my plans for this summer. I've been inspired by a girl in my ward who has decided to make this summer the "Summer of Megan" and do all the fun things you always wish you had done when summer is over, so I'm doing something similar. Having borrowed heavily from the primary song, "Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime," here is my list of what I want to do this summer:
1. Lazily dream on a bank as the clouds roll by.
2. Swim in a pool to keep myself cool.
3. Swing in a tree up high.
4. Watch a parade.
5. Drink lots of lemonade.
6. Star gaze.
7. Make s'mores.
8. Host a barbeque.
9. Make homemade ice cream.
10. Go camping.
Kind of pathetic how many of those involve food, huh? Now I'll have a little more pressure to do what I'm saying I'll do, since I'm now accountable to whoever reads this.
Well, since I still have a little more time to write since Peter's studying, I'll do a quick Reader's Digest condensed version of all the topics I mentioned earlier. My sister Rachel is the closest in age to me and we have been best friends since I was born. She has two adorable boys, a very smart doctor-husband, and three huge-but-sweet dogs. We had a lot of fun visiting them and enjoying the many incredible attractions around St. Louis, many of which were free like the St. Louis zoo. One of those attractions was Ted Drewes where they don't even write down your order no matter how complicated and still manage to get it right and get it to you quickly. I would have made the words "Ted Drewes" in that previous sentence a link to their web page, but I don't know how. Anyway, they have phenomenal frozen custard. I got a "Christy" which was a brownie, custard, and hot fudge sauce. Yum. Peter and I also got to go to Nauvoo for a day and we got some pictures of where our ancestors used to live. Here's Peter's great-great, etc. grandmother's cabin:

And here are two lots that my great-great etc. grandfather lived on. On my right is the one he owned, and on my left is one where he was a tenant for a while:

Jonathan just keeps amazing me at how fast he can change in just eight months. He has four teeth, still isn't crawling but is really good at scooting and rolling to where he wants to go, and has learned to roll a soccer ball off of his lap towards anyone sitting in front of him.

Peter finally got tired of his thinning hair, so we buzzed it on Friday night. I think he looks quite dashing. (And no, he doesn't usually smile like this.)

Well that's it. I just remembered I haven't mentioned our bathroom remodel, but I'll do that another time. Happy summer, everyone!


Lindsay said...

Garrett loves playing "catch," too. It's so fun that he actually understands how to roll the ball back and forth. I love it!

Also, I'm loving this "Summer of [Your Name Here]." The Summer of Lindsay sounds really nice. I think I'll have to go make a similar list. :)

Kimberly Bluestocking said...

Homemade ice cream sounds like an excellent idea.

Nate & Carlee said...

Sounds like you have a lot of killer summer plans. Come to think of it, lying next to a creek while cloud-gazing sounds like a really great summer activity. You are so much more well-rounded than I am. My summer list is: do so many exciting and ambitious things that you get stressed out about it! Oh, my life. What a hoot.

Sam and Heidi said...

I miss you Bex--in between posts. I'm just so out of touch way down here in Sierra Vista. It's always lovely to hear from you. What exciting adventures you are and will be having. So far, we've been to an outdoor army band concert, visited Inga in Hawaii, went on a very hot hike today at the Ramsey Canyon Wildlife preserve, and Sam even biked through your hometown (Eager) a few weeks ago with the Young Men. He's telling me to hurry up and get off the computer so we can go on an "adventure" to Sonic for half-price drinks. Gotta go. heidi

Matt said...

that is such a good idea to write a list down of what you want to do, because then you actually accomplish things instead of just letting the summer slip by! I'm excited to be down that way (we move on Saturday)--we will have to hang out lots with the kids this summer :)

Matt said...

by the way--that last comment was from Lindsay :)

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

Rebecca-I blog stalked you from Carlee's blog, so I hope that's okay :). I tried to send you an invite to our blog but I think I got your email address wrong? Anyways, shoot me an email at brandonandlindsey@gmail.com so I can send you and invite!

I love your blog, you are so cute! I might have to steal your idea and make a list of things to do for the summer. -Lindsey

Kiersten said...

Rebecca--so...I swear when we were talking about blogs at RS on Saturday, you didn't mention that you had one!! I hope you don't mind me reading it--I found it through Carlee's. Also, I tried sending an invite to you for our blog, but the address in the ward directory didn't work for you, so send me an email and I'll get one to you, if you still want to read ours. My email address is kiersten(dot)k(at)gmail(dot)com. Also--I sent an email to Peter--'cuz I'm hoping I can get some of those food storage recipes you gave us in RS. Anyway, I love your posts. They crack me up, especially the one from your students. Those are classic.