Thursday, October 07, 2010

Something Wicked

I don't know what started it, exactly, but I have been so excited for Halloween this year, and especially to decorate for Halloween. I started collecting bottles for the above project about a month ago and have just been itching to finish and display it. In case it's hard to tell from the picture, those are a variety of magical elixirs and potions currently residing on my bookcase. They are bottled in old aftershave, vanilla, syrup, spice, etc. bottles, and one salt shaker, and filled with everything from colored water to old hair gel (in the tall "slug juice" bottle). The labels are from the fabulous Kristine McKay's website, On the same website you can also find labels to make books like these:

All you have to do is print the labels onto parchment paper, cover a book with scrapbook paper (I found some hardback books for 99 cents at a thrift store), stick the label on and mod podge the whole thing. Super easy. Happy Halloween!

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Ruth M said...

Very, very cute, lady. I like it a lot.